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These resources are an available supply of support to aid you in dealing with a situation or in meeting difficulties.

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Complimentary "Anchor Call"

This call is to ensure the products and services that we offer will support your future goals and align with the expertise that Anchorednow offers. It's important for you to keep the time you schedule as booked. You will be given only one opportunity to miss the scheduled time you've booked. Upon scheduling again, and you miss second appointment, you will not be afforded another opportunity to book an "Anchor Call for 15-mins." However, the resources available on this page will support your business needs.

Practical Guide

Self-Discovery Guide

Finding yourself may sound like an inherently self-centered goal, but it is actually an unselfish process that is at the root of everything we do in life. It also involves a tremendous act of building oneself up while recognizing who you want to be and passionately going about fulfilling that unique destiny.

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Prophetic Prayer

Prophetic Prayer

You're invited to partner with me in praying through specific prophetic seasons that have been spoken over your life. I believe the Lord is highlighting areas of knowledge to benefit your journey! My prayer is for us to come together and agree with the Father about what He’s saying about our churches, cities and our nation.

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Coaching and Mentoring

As a Business Planning Planner, I meet with lost of entrepreneurs full of ideas and energy about their projects. They're always excited to share their dreams and vision for their business... verbally. But, when I dig a little deeper and ask them key questions about how they'll accomplish their goals. I often discover their information is discombobulated in their mind. So, there are many actions entrepreneurs need to take to get their ideas to the next level. A few actions should include: reflecting, evaluating and writing a strategic plan to ensure business success!

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Success Business Plan

Anchored hours will focus on coaching and mentoring you on the process of building stronger relationships and healthy communication. During your time, we will develop a set weekly strategic goal setting plan that's related directly to your spirtual restoration, personal growth and development.

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Personal Growth & Development
Grant writing Planner

Grant writing Success

Many non-profits turn to a grant writing consultant to assist them with planning, brainstorming ideas, research, and fundraising efforts, rather than hiring a full-time, in-house grant writer. Explore this checklist to give you an overview of the entire process, plus some helpful tips and resources.


Learn the exact steps that you need to earn the funding you desire. The challenge most nonprofit organizations and businesses face during the process:

  • Lack of organization: Grants are very competitive and only the best proposals get funded.
  • Lack of time and staff: Individuals are not skilled in the grant components.
  • Lack of research: Unable to locate the appropriate grant(s) for funding. Every grant is not for an organization or business.

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       Healthy Mess

A healthy diet is about consistency, not perfection, so you want to make sure that your healthy habits are sustainable for the long term. Healthy eating starts with the decisions you make at the grocery store—eating out is generally more expensive and less nutritious, so you’ll want most of your meals to be food your family prepares at home.

That means that eating healthy won’t just save you money now—it can save you thousands in hospital bills down the line.